I have spent more than 1 year working myself to finish it. But I did it:)

▶ Stunning 3D graphics

▶ Unique mix of tower defense and 3D strategy game

▶ Hundreds of tactics and strategies to win

▶ Many different upgradable space ships and more opportunities to build your unique strategy

▶ Epic giant bosses which kill you with pleasure

▶ Massive 3D battles in space

▶ Really HARDCORE gameplay

Please, help me to make my game more interesting. Leave your suggestions or ideas in comments.

It's really important for me.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorYurii Tkachenko
Made withUnity
TagsSpace, Tower Defense
Average sessionAbout an hour

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Good game!

I was under the assumption that spending the 200 gems would give you the amount you spent in extra money for upgrades or ships (in essence doubling your money for gems, as most games do), not that it would just reset everything to 0 and give your money back. Seems like a waste of gems. Won't be making that mistake again. I'll just use the gems for the aoe dmg and heal effects per mission from now on.

when you don't have a ship yet it should say buy ship not (level 0) upgrade it just looks weird to me

nice work there

(1 edit) (+1)

Stage details: state "Time between enemy income:" should be "Time between incoming enemies:"

Using google chrome browser, im finding a few issues...

1) auto repear system should be Auto  repair system

2) i bought level 1 auto repair system 3 times and every time i reload game from a reboot or something it resets to level 0  forcing me to spend another 5k for it.

3) what is the point of spending 200 diamonds for 10k cash in upgrades when you can spend 200 diamonds in ships to restore all cash you have spent? seems silly.

4) Executioner description says " if you change target" implying you have a choice which as far as i can tell you dont, ships attack what ever they want when they want. so should it not say " if the ship changes enemy focus" or something?


1) I would like to see a more smoother transition from zooming in and out...

2) i would like to be able to set ship commands to determine some function of what they wioll do during a fight.

For example: 

Falcon commands: focus on mother ships not small vessels, 

Viper to heal ships at the front line only. 

Rampart: retreat to back of field when <50% or something like this.

3) being able to focus your fleet on a particular target would be cool too of course. as theirs nothing worse than having 50 enemies all at 3% health and ships then start attacking new wave which is at 100%

(1 edit)

Game is fun (currently at stage 305 however):

1. I maxed out the UPGRADE > Energy Regeneration rate to 5/5 and now I get this error:

An embedded page at v6p9d9t4.ssl.hwcdn.net says

An exception has occured, but exception handling has been disabled in this build. If you are the developer of this content, enable exceptions in your project's WebGL player settings to be able to catch the exception or see the stack trace.

I can still play the game but I cannot access any of the items in the UPGRADE tab

I can still access the SHIPS and POWER UPS menus to upgrade ships.

The game is still playable but now I cannot do anything with the UPGRADE tab, if I click it, it errors out and I have to reload the game.....

2. There are several typos as well but it does not really bother me much

3. I agree that he fourth ship is worthless as well, this game is all about maxing out fire rate and tanking with the first or last ship. The other ships have cool graphics but in terms of game play I only have used two ships to get to where I am at, the rest take too long to upgrade to keep up with the difficulty of the enemy ships in the later stages.

4. Overall I like the game, there are just some bugs to work out and I agree as well that there needs to be a way to make more stars quickly, there are too many games out there to make people spend a lot of time on one so giving access to all of the cool ships more quickly would do well to make this game have more options for strategy and fun. Also, can you add a way to select a target

Actually, the fourth ship is totally worthless. I don't know if it becomes interesting later when upgraded, but it's clearly a bad ship. Why ? Because it's far too slow, its damages are equal of the second ship, which is destroying targets much quicker than it. It's sad.

Options I thought about were : or you increase the fourth ship's damages by a LOT (x2.5-x4) and keep the same fire rate, or you increase its damages (x1.5-x2) AND its fire rate (x1.2-x1.5). But right as it is, it's clearly not worth the expense of the upgrades, and especially not worth the expense in energy in order to summon any of them. :s

PS : Farming the same level again and again and again in order to get some low rewards QUICKLY becomes annoying. I've no good idea to fix that, though.

Auto Repair System is spelled incorrectly.