I have spent more than 1 year working myself to finish it. But I did it:)

▶ Stunning 3D graphics

▶ Unique mix of tower defense and 3D strategy game

▶ Hundreds of tactics and strategies to win

▶ Many different upgradable space ships and more opportunities to build your unique strategy

▶ Epic giant bosses which kill you with pleasure

▶ Massive 3D battles in space

▶ Really HARDCORE gameplay

Please, help me to make my game more interesting. Leave your suggestions or ideas in comments.

It's really important for me.

Published Jul 25, 2016
AuthorYurii Tkachenko
TagsSpace, Tower Defense
Average sessionAbout an hour

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Actually, the fourth ship is totally worthless. I don't know if it becomes interesting later when upgraded, but it's clearly a bad ship. Why ? Because it's far too slow, its damages are equal of the second ship, which is destroying targets much quicker than it. It's sad.

Options I thought about were : or you increase the fourth ship's damages by a LOT (x2.5-x4) and keep the same fire rate, or you increase its damages (x1.5-x2) AND its fire rate (x1.2-x1.5). But right as it is, it's clearly not worth the expense of the upgrades, and especially not worth the expense in energy in order to summon any of them. :s

PS : Farming the same level again and again and again in order to get some low rewards QUICKLY becomes annoying. I've no good idea to fix that, though.

Auto Repair System is spelled incorrectly.